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The author behind Women's Words of Wisdom, Power & Passion
Tara Moss

Photograph: Sharyn Cairns

Brand new mum and Australia's top-selling crime writer, Tara Moss, has turned the page with her genre of stories with her first 'paranormal' novel thrilling readers throughout Australia and overseas. Tara's newest book, The Blood Countess out now through Pan Macmillan, has been released at one of the most amazing times of her life as she becomes a new mother to daughter Sapphira Jane Sellheim-Moss, born February, 2011.

Tara talks to us exclusively about her new book and the love in her life right now, which she outlines in Women's Words of Wisdom, Power & Passion …

In researching your past best-selling crime novels, you've been choked, knocked unconscious, set on fire, shot the most amazing guns in the world … for this new vampire angle have you had to do anything like put pointy teeth on and head down a dark alley? Yes I had to endure some hickeys and things … ha ha ha, no! The research was less physical and more about historical documentation and actually looking back at early folklore and very early supernatural beliefs. What fascinates me about ghost stories, vampires and zombies and all these kind of classic movie monsters and literary monsters is that beliefs about these creatures popped up independently in different cultures around the world. So even the Aboriginal culture had a vampire that was actually red skinned and would suck its victims dry of blood. Of course, we're very familiar with the European version of the vampire, particularly the Eastern European version of the vampire and that's where we come to characters like Dracula, which of course I grew up with. It's a very exciting new series for me — it's exciting to expand what I've been writing.

Everyone from 10-year-olds to 80-year-olds are reading this new book The Blood Countess — why will they love this book so much compared to your other crime-based novels? One of the wonderful things about this series is the main character of Pandora English. She is a really strong female heroine and that's not something we are seeing a lot of in the current vampire fad. In this case, Pandora English is a really bright, interesting young woman who's actually able to very much look after herself and that's something that ties her to the heroines in all my novels. I love writing strong female characters. They are flawed, of course, and they make mistakes but they are also bright enough to get themselves out of trouble and they don't need someone else to save them and I think that's part of what should be happening in the modern vampire genre. In the paranormal genre anything is possible so my main heroine has some of her own special talents ... she's human and yet there's something just a little bit different about her — something just a little bit psychic and spooky and wonderful and I think that's what sets this series apart from some of the others.

In the new book Women's Words of Wisdom, Passion & Power you discuss how love fills your life and this year is going to be particularly full of love for you as a new mother, isn't it? Yes, I speak a lot about my love of books, my love of writing and, of course, I'm also recently married and have celebrated my one year anniversary and with a new baby I'm celebrating a lot of love in my life right now.


"Most of the greatest accomplishments of mankind and womankind have been motivated by love of someone or something."
Tara Moss
Excerpt from Women's Words book