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Kasey Chambers
Kasey Chambers remains the queen of Australian country, winning her ninth best country album award for Little Bird. She defeated her husband Shane Nicholson, who was nominated for his album Bad Machines. She's spent many years on the long road to such a stunningly successful life and tells us a valuable lesson she's learnt along the way about the power of the simple little word 'no' ... 
Over the years of building your career, what has been your biggest mistake? Getting to a point where I didn't say 'no' to anything.
What's been the best business decision you've ever made? This is not one particular moment, but getting to the point where saying 'no' to things is just as important as saying 'yes'. Pick and choose things that work for you and don't just say 'yes' to anything in the industry. I think realising that everyone's career is different and don't just follow someone else. Find a way that works best for you.
What qualities do you aspire to have? Patience is definitely one. I would also love to be someone who doesn't talk as much as I do! I say things to fill in the silence. I sleep every night with the television on because I can't stand to have that silence. I love it when the kids are home and I don't like spending time by myself. So sometimes I wish I could be that person who says things when they need to be said, rather than filling in the gaps!

"Nothing makes me as happy as being on stage and sharing myself with people. That is what makes it stand out from other jobs ..."
Kasey Chambers
Excerpt from Women's Words book