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Emma Nicholas

As the first Australian woman to walk the entire length of the Great Wall of China – all 3800 kilometres of it – Emma Nicholas is living proof of a determined spirit.
At age 30, Emma was treated for thyroid cancer, sparking an inner journey that led her to China to undertake what some considered an impossible quest – to walk the entire length of the Great Wall with no detailed maps or local guide. Ten months later she emerged triumphant as one of only a handful of adventurers in the world to conquer this epic feat.
While on daily medication, Emma now enjoys life with her husband and young daughter in Sydney.

When have you been happiest? This is a difficult one to answer because people are happy at different times in their lives for different reasons. I was very happy as a child, I was overjoyed when I got married to Brendan, but I would say that the happiness I was most responsible for was when I was pregnant with Madeleine. That happiness didn’t only come from knowing that I was going to have a child; it came from the feeling of being completely responsible for the creation and life of another human being. The care and nurturing that I needed to give to myself and to the developing child created a happiness that I had never felt before.

What has been your most amazing experience? Walking 3800 kilometres along the Great Wall of China with Brendan was amazing and definitely unique, because not many other people have done it. Giving birth to Madeleine, while not unique per se, was simply amazing. What both of these events have in common and constantly surprise me when I think about them, is the incredible pain that the human body can endure and the measures it comes up with to cope, to find the strength, physical and mental, to keep going, when all of you is screaming for it to end.

"Love means that you will do anything for that person, cause or country."
Emma Nicholas
Excerpt from Women's Words book